Mornington Peninsula House

Mornington Peninsula

Set amongst the rural landscape of the Mornington Peninsula, Mornington Peninsula House is the refurbishment of an existing Merchant Builders home that demonstrates considered spatial planning and an acute attention to detail resulting in a design that is harmonious with the landscape yet reflective of today’s modern living approach.

The existing residence sat comfortably on the site, however its internal spaces had little visual or physical connection to the surrounding landscape. In response, a key element of the brief was to create a synergy and fluid dialogue between the interior architecture and natural beauty of the site.

Through the introduction of new openings and the implementation of a clever and considered layout, both the aesthetics and function of the residence were entirely altered. Bounded by a master suite at one end and bedroom wing at the other, the heart of the home is a central, light drenched open-plan living space with expanses of new glazing that take in the surrounding rural property. The introduction of a raked ceiling creates a sense of openness, and feeling of spatial luxury.

Photography by Sharyn Cairns

The use of raw, honest, and humble materials creates a tangible connection to the landscape whilst the rustic quality of the materials is sensitively balanced with refined sophistication. A palette of warm timbers, textured stone and paving, mimic the textures and tones of the rolling paddocks and surrounding gums, working cohesively together to create an unpretentious yet modern rural home. The application of textured surfaces transition from exterior to interior, promoting a sense of continuity between the previously separate environments.

The initiative to retain the existing structure and instil new life through sympathetic gestures was a sustainably conscious approach. Sustainable measures have been implemented, such as the seamless integration of solar panels that allow the home and property to run efficiently and exclusively on solar power. Locally sourced timbers have been specified and water tanks introduced to facilitate the abundant use of rainwater throughout the home and surrounding property.

The Mornington Peninsula House has provided the inhabitants with an interior and exterior environment that is seamlessly bound with its surroundings. By doing so, it celebrates their deep history within the agricultural industry and their strong connection to the land.