Fonda Bondi


The first national store for the Melbourne based eatery, Fonda Bondi presents a design approach that reflects the fun, bright and youthful personality of the brand in a refined and unpretentious resolution. The brief sought to create a relaxed and paired back Mexican eatery that revitalised the existing run down hospitality venue.

Drawing on the traditional Mexican ‘Fonda', Fonda Bondi's interior evokes a sentimentality reminiscent of dining in a Mexican home, complete with a spatial layout that inspires narrative and a prolific use of native colours. This casual and warm approach was also driven by the brands' motto ‘mi casa, su casa', which further inspired the use of raw, honest and humble materials including textured wall renders, woven screens and warm timbers.

Photography by Tessa Ross-Phelan

The works of architect Luis Barragan were also a key point of inspiration for his use of texture, bold colour, and simple but striking forms, which have been adopted throughout. Architectural curves to the ceiling and the specific use of powder blue shades reflect the coastal context of Bondi. The textured wall treatment is softened by warm ambient light emitted from custom wall sconces which sit above semi-private booths, working to further evoke the notion of home and dining with family and friends. 

Fitting comfortably within its buzzing beachside surrounds of Hall Street, Fonda Bondi, with its Mexican essence and coastal accents envelopes patrons in an atmosphere that perfectly balances the honest nostalgia of home with the sensory expectations of a buzzing Mexican eatery.