Doughboy's Doughnuts


Doughboys Donuts is a brand renowned for its playful approach to design and unapologetic celebration of its product, and the brief for the Melbourne CBD flagship bake house called for a design that reflected both these facets of the brands' identity. 

Located at the base of the 1960's Melbourne CBD tower, St James Place, a key design consideration for the Doughboys fit out was to seamlessly incorporate the store to be respectful and complimentary to its surroundings. This was addressed through the sensitive use of traditional materials - rich timber paneling, checkerboard tiles and brass custom pendant lighting reminiscent of old-world European espresso bars.

The production process was called upon to inform a transparent and open plan spatial layout design. Elements usually assigned to BOH were instead exposed to patrons and the street beyond, aesthetically addressed to sit cohesively within the classical yet corporate surrounds.

The store fit-out has been cleverly aligned with the Doughboys Donuts brand, alluding to the physicality of the donut itself through the elegant use of backlit round mirrors and brass domed wall lights. The charming allure of the stores soft pink palette - reminiscent of the nostalgia of the iced donut - and classical materiality results in a welcoming space that sits poetically within the muted tones of the building’s facade.

Emitting a warm glow, the bake house gives off a radiant vibrancy that beckons to passersby, who once inside, need no further tempting to sample the products within.